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MARS was once a Brisbane startup just like you. What we know from our own experience and working with startup clients in sectors ranging from sustainably produced cosmetics to social media platforms is that the ‘mix’ has to be right.

The mix we refer to transcends the familiar marketing mix (also known as the 4Ps) often used by leading marketing practitioners. These are product, place, price and promotion. We instead begin with a complete focus on the strategic mix. We work with our MARS Labs Brisbane startups and entrepreneurs to objectively and critically define their vision, mission, core competencies and competitive advantage.


The importance of a robust strategic business plan cannot be overstated. A well constructed, disruptive and thought-out business plan coupled with an innovative marketing program will give your business a framework on which to build.

We believe in a disruptive approach to business, and together with our understanding business ecosystems, analogs and antilogs, we’ll ensure your brand is well positioned for sustainable growth.

  • Vision and Mission Identification
  • Business and Corporate-level Strategy
  • Business Model Development
  • Competitor, Trends & Risk Analysis
  • Internal and External Analysis (RBV VRIO etc.)
  • Investigation and creation of Value Innovations, Core Competencies and Competitive Advantage
  • Development of Business Plans (including Finance)

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As a leading Brisbane marketing agency, we work tirelessly with our local Brisbane clients to pinpoint and develop their organisations value proposition and uniqueness. Identifying these traits in your brand is vital as it forms the cornerstone of your marketing strategy and marketing plan.

We’re experts in the assessment and deconstruction of our clients current marketing focus, and provide clients with written recommendations on alternative strategies to meet future needs.

  • Marketing Strategy and Plans (b2b/b2c)
  • Market Research, Business Intelligence and Consumer Insights
  • Product & Services Development
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Development
  • Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM)

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Business and consumer research is vitally important when attempting to understand the needs, thoughts and future wants of your target audience. There are dozen of options when developing such a research program to help your business.

We offer our Brisbane clients a wide range of research options that will support and enhance important business decisions such as product development, investment and divestment.

  • Focus Groups (Qualitative)
  • Quantitative Assessment
  • Research Question Design
  • Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Analytics
  • Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM)

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