One Question.

What do you want from your marketing?

A simple question? Actually maybe it’s not.

When we ask our clients what they want from their marketing we often find it relates to their immediate goals only. For instance, a direct increase in sales or enquiries, website visitation or app downloads. While these are important, they’re only part of what marketing does.

At MARS we’re focussed on ensuring our clients understand the big picture. For instance, while marketing that leads to an immediate increase in short-term sales may improve cashflow, it may also have the less desirable affect of reducing your capacity for sustainable growth. We advocate for an approach more likely to build ongoing prosperity, brand equity and growth for your business by ensuring your marketing mix delivers on your growth focussed business strategy.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

As a leading Brisbane marketing agency, we work tirelessly with our local Brisbane clients to pinpoint and develop their organisations value proposition and uniqueness. Identifying these traits in your brand is vital as it forms the cornerstone of your marketing strategy and marketing plan.

We’re experts in the assessment and deconstruction of our clients current marketing focus, and provide clients with written recommendations on alternative strategies to meet future needs.

  • Marketing Planning
  • Market Research and Consumer Insights
  • Product & Services Development
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Development
  • Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM)

Brand Management

Creating an engaging story is critical for brands today. It’s important that your brand is top-of-mind and the automatic choice. Whatever industry you compete in your customers or clients are making choices everyday on what brands to use.

These choices are influenced by measurable variables such as performance and value. Choices are also influenced by the brand story, positioning, promise and character. We work with clients to create a brand-market orientated strategy that builds audience engagement, participation and brand loyalty.

  • Brand Strategy using MARS’ Brand Ternion Analysis
  • Positioning and Mapping
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Development
  • Brand Storyboards
  • Brand ID, including logos and positioning line etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing alone is not a strategy. However it is arguably the most important marketing communication tool available today. Coupled with an integrated marketing and brand strategy, digital marketing is extremely effective and highly measurable.

We take the pain, headaches and confusion out of digital marketing. We offer a full range of digital marketing solutions for our Brisbane clients, and we ensure it meets with your overall brand marketing objectives.

  • SEO and SEM
  • CMS Websites ( WordPress )
  • Design & Copywriting
  • Social Media, Content Marketing etc.
  • Data Analytics (e.g. Google Analytics)
Advertising & Design

Advertising is an important part of the marketing mix. It’s what’s most visible to your audience about your marketing strategy.

It’s the conversation starter, the initial date with your audience and needs to be fun, meaningful and like all good relationships it needs to be honest. We’ve got a track record in creating advertisements / design with cut-through and clear messaging.

  • Traditional Advertising including Print & Press
  • Digital & Search Engine Ads
  • Outdoor, Radio and Direct Marketing
  • Logos & Design
  • Copywriting

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