One Question.

What is your current business strategy?

It seems like a simple question. However, if you needed to articulate your business strategy could you?

Surprisingly many firms cannot. Indeed, many clients initially tell us their strategy is to simply make more sales, expand interstate or into new markets, source contracts with cheaper suppliers or attract new customers. However, these in isolation are not strategies.

From our perspective a good strategy ultimately focusses on a quest for competitive advantage. It focusses on how your business can develop and use its valuable and rare resources to create unique products and services that are difficult for your competitors to copy. It’s about understanding and exploiting your capabilities and core competencies. Importantly, it’s also about alignment, making sure everyone in your business is on the same page.

There are several other elements that build a good strategy and we cover these in our formal strategy process linking business planning and your marketing programs.

Strategy & Business Planning

Businesses should seek to be different and unique in their offering to the market. If your not focussed on some kind of differentiation advantage in your offering then your probably competing on price. Competing on price, or low cost leadership is potentially a less attractive long-term option for many businesses.

As a leading Brisbane business consultancy we work with our clients to develop the right strategy to help their vision and mission take flight.

Some of the services we offer include –

  • Vision and Mission Identification
  • Business and Corporate-level Strategy
  • Business Model Development
  • Competitor, Trends & Risk Analysis
  • Internal and External Analysis (RBV VRIO etc.)
  • Investigation and creation of Value Innovations, Core Competencies and Competitive Advantage
  • Development of Business Plans (including Finance)

Easy as one, two, three

The next steps

Step 1.

Review our services above and now think deeply about what you’re looking to achieve.

Step 2.

Do the services, expertise and experience we offer look like it could solve your problem?

Step 3.

If it does, contact us. We’ll discuss your situation and present our solution and pricing.

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